Alas blog, I had forgotten about your existence. Luckily I had someone subscribe to our writings, and I got an email about it. Otherwise you would have continued to rot away in the interwebs.

Nothing much new on my front. Got a new job that is yet another brainless retail position. Cannot wait until I am finally done with school and no longer have to work such meaningless jobs. Speaking of school, I finally go back in a couple weeks. Hopefully I will be able to finish soon.

MG and I are finally engaged, but he still hedges around the subject of an actual date. :/

And now I will leave you, as I would like to get back to watching Monty Python 🙂

P.S. No Doctor Who until the fall is the rumor. Please someone let me know if they hear an actual date. Going through withdrawal…


Torchwood/Doctor Who News

So, most people that know me know that I am an avid Doctor Who fan(Ten Lives!). And of course, being so automatically enters me into the category of Torchwood fan as well. And as being such, I have been going through quite the withdrawal, with both of my beloved shows being off. Of course, I don’t know how beloved Torchwood will be to me now that they have killed off practically everyone. Oh, Owen Harper, I will miss you!

Anyways, in an effort to give myself a fix, besides watching all the episodes over again(What? They are all on netflix instant thing right now), I have been scouring the internet for some sort of news, or clues to the new seasons of both shows.

Doctor Who wise, all I could find is some shots some stalker took of Matt Smith and the new ginger companion shooting a scene.

Anyone else think he looks like the guy from “Mask,” that movie with Cher. Uggg. Definatly not going for the eye candy factor here. And has anyone else noticed that the Doctor is getting younger and younger? Is this on purpose for the character, do you think, or just network trying to appeal to a younger audience? Apparently, it is scheduled to start on a Easter special. Meaning us folks in America will probably get to see it by May unless we want to watch it online.

Torchwood wise, all I know is that John has signed on for the next season. I don’t know about anything else. I know that he will be appearing as a bad guy on Desperate Housewives(I didn’t even know that show was still going on until now to be honest).

So basically, it’s just sit and wait and maybe get to see the Doctor Who Easter special, and see if Matt Smith butchers the role. Geronimo indeed.

Sometimes I wish my life was like the Sims…

There would be tons of interesting things about it.

– I can be treated like family in your home. In other words, I can watch television at your house, play darts, and eat your food without really having to talk to you, and it’s totally cool. It’s still considered bonding time.

– I don’t have to attend years of college to get a degree. Once I’m an adult, I’m ready to pursue my career. I automatically know what my dream is the moment I approach adulthood, despite never really giving it thought.

– Delivered groceries. I don’t have to go grocery shopping, thank you!

– I can call you twenty times in two days on the phone and we’re suddenly best friends for life.

– Facepaint as an adult? It’s fine. Do you want to dress like a hula girl, a pirate, or an astronaut without receiving weird looks? That’s fine too.

– We have cars but no roadkill. There’s also no speed limits.

– Burnt food still tastes good.

– Predictable weather. I can wear shorts and a tank top without really feeling cool or hot. In the same day, my friend can wear a heavy coat with sweat pants.

– My best friend is herself – an alien – and my enemy is a bloodsucker – a vampire. Nobody thinks anything of it.

– I can fight the Grim Reaper for life. Sure, it might be frightening, but I bet there’d be a few profressionals in this case. It could be a business.

– Selling cockroaches makes me money.

– I don’t have laundry and wearing the same outfit everyday isn’t gross at all. My clothes never get holes or shrink or anything.

– Music plays when I’m pregnant. Screw pregnancy tests. I can name my kid Sfgkjdfgkj or simply Kid One or Kid Two and it’s fine.

– My hair and makeup stay perfect, even when I’m sleeping.

– I would get like $1,000 bonuses with each promotion and my living expenses are only a small fraction of that.

– You’re not taller than me! All the girls and guys are the same height.

– Yeah, the bed’s in the kitchen and the kitchen has a bowling alley in it. What of it?

– Private school doesn’t cost money.

– I was friends with Johnny Depp in my teen years, despite our age gap, and Seth Rogen is my neighbor. If I don’t want to be with you anymore, I simply don’t call you or invite you over, and our relationship fades without the drama of breakups.

– I can take over the country and wear a kickass outfit and go to work in a limo and wreak havoc everywhere as a job without getting arrested. My best friend and family think nothing of me being a villain.

– Television has maybe three channels, but the channels are so high quality that I’m always having fun watching them. Same with video games. There’s only one video game on my computer and gaming system, but they’re so fun, I’m never bored with them.

– I can buy a fridge with food in it. The food never expires until it’s sitting on the counter all day.

– Proposing to you in a weedy garden near the trash in front of my house out of nowhere is still considered romantic if we’re close enough.

– Despite never book shopping for cook books in my life, my bookshelf has everything you need to know in areas of cleaning, cooking, and mechanical business.

– Jumping on the sofa and juggling are great ways to spend your free time.

– I can strike a conversation up with anyone about anything and we’ll end up friends. I don’t have to worry about ending up in a creek dead somewhere.

– So, I finally became a master chef with my own television show, but I think tomorrow I’m going to reach the highest career achievement in the medical field. I just have to find the section in the newspaper for it.

– Despite socioeconomic status or gender, we have the same life span. I just get sick without developing diseases.

– I’m 80 with a perfect memory. I can do everything a young kid could.

– I age while my friends don’t. It’s kind of weird. I go to school with my childhood friends everyday, but I’m the one that gets older.

– Getting fat just means your fat. Pass me some oreos now, please.

– No religion and politics. Somehow, things just come together.


Why do cross dressers think that just because they wear woman’s clothing, that gives them the right use the woman’s fitting room? You still are a dude and I don’t want you next to me when I am trying on clothes. And for the love of God, don’t tell me my shirt is cute when you see it under the door!

Hello world!

I have decided to keep the generic title for this post as it seems to aptly describe it without me having to do much thinking, which I am never fond of doing before at least three cups of coffee, and so far I’ve downed only one.

You may be wondering, “What is this blog about?” My answer? I have no idea. Perhaps a diary of sorts, or a place to talk about the size difference between the alleged “Brothers” Mario and Luigi, maybe to prove once and for all that I do indeed know how to read and write? Only time will tell I suppose.

For now, I will simply say hello and goodbye, to both you and my second cup of coffee.